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Berkshire Pork Belly

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(2 lb.) Berkshire Pork Belly (frozen) $41.95


Cut from the tender underside of the hog, unprocessed Berkshire Pork Belly is versatile and a veritable workhorse in the kitchen, whether served on its own or used to impart flavor and richness to a myriad of dishes from eggs, potatoes, and vegetables to poultry and seafood.

Braise, roast, or grill-roast Berkshire Pork Belly as a center-of-the-plate option at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or use small dice as a flavoring agent for other dishes. And for the adventurous, cure and smoke the belly for homemade bacon. For more tips on how to use Berkshire Pork Belly, click here.

Lobel's Berkshire Pork Belly comes from Berkshire hogs, known for their richness and incredible flavor. Each 2-pound piece comes frozen with the skin on.