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Lobel's Meat and Wine: Great Recipes for Cooking and Pairing

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Lobel's Meat and Wine: Great Recipes for Cooking and Pairing $19.95


In a city that knows its meat, the Lobel family is the prime purveyor. Whether it's beef, pork, lamb, or poultry, the Lobels know not only how to choose it, but also the very best ways to prepare each cut—and, maybe best of all, how to combine it with wine for the tastiest of flavors, in the cooking and the pairing.

They describe the flavors of wine and reveal which of its components are the most food-friendly, including a list of the top wines that are typically best paired with food. Here, you'll find the answers to such key questions as Should one marinate before cooking or not? How does salt affect the integration of wine into the meat? Will browning the meat first affect the end result? What happens to wine when it's heated?

And then there are the more than 80 recipes that bring out the ultimate flavors of the meat and wine—a perfect integration of two worlds.

Try the easy-to-prepare rib steaks, marinated in Pinot Noir and drizzled with garlic-parsley butter. Delicious surprises include a gratin of chicken and Gruyère cheese cooked in Bourgogne blanc and then paired with glasses of a medium-bodied red Burgundy.

Each recipe gives detailed wine notes and, where appropriate, butcher's notes and make-ahead tips.

What's Being Said About this Book

"In a class by itself, Lobel's has been rated the #1 Meat and Poultry purveyor in our New York City Marketplace Survey for 15 years running. Now, they've taken their in-depth knowledge of meat and combined it with excellent recipes and advice on choosing wines, both to cook with and to serve with the recipes."
—Nina and Tim Zagat, Zagat Survey

"When the editors at Saveur have a question about meat, we ask the Lobels. If they hear from us a little less often now, it's because they've put so much of what they know into this splendid book, comprehensive but concise, full of food recipes, beautifully illustrated. And the wine suggestions aren't just a list of bottles: they talk about wine types and why they work, giving the reader plenty of choices, and just enough knowledge to choose well."
—Colman Andrews, Editor in Chief, Saveur"From five generations of butchers of internatinoal reputation comes Lobel's Meat and Wine—a valuable resource for food and wine enthusiasts. Like a nearly tied package from the butcher, readers may unravel the twin to reveal the long-standing family traditions of the Lobel family that include an amalgamation of homestyle recipes complete with helpful butcher's and wine notes."
—Dr. Tim Ryan, President, The Culinary Institute of America

About Lobel's Meat and Wine

by Stanley, Leon, Evan, Mark, and David Lobel
with Mary Goodbody and David Whiteman
Foreword by David Rosengarten
Photographs by James Baigrie
Published by Chronicle Books (2006). Hardcover. 224 pages.