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Mise en Place Package

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Mise en Place Package $34.95


A steak with as much flavor and character as our dry-aged USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and American Wagyu steaks requires nothing more than a rub with coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Then brush with extra virgin olive oil after searing to fuse the salt and pepper into a crispy caramelized crust.

To make this recipe foolproof, we've put together this classic Mise en Place Package consisting of Maldon Salt, Maldon Organic Peppercorns, and Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These pantry staples are so versatile you'll find use for them everywhere in your kitchen—not just on steak!

This Package Includes:
  • (8.5 oz.) box Maldon Salt
  • (40 g) box Maldon Organic Whole Black Peppercorns
  • (1 L) tin Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Castilla-LaMancha, Spain)