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Preparing Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is a rare pleasure indeed, every time you serve it.

Wagyu beef has an exceedingly melting and delicate texture. When properly cooked to rare or medium-rare, a Wagyu strip steak, for example, bursts with a rich, buttery onset, followed by a hearty, meaty finish that lingers gently on the palate.

The dense marbling lends Wagyu to preparing the beef either raw, as in steak tartare and carpaccio, or fleetingly cooked in the traditional Japanese shabu shabu, in which the translucent slices of sirloin or tenderloin are dredged through a hot-water bath and placed on steaming rice.

Cooking Wagyu

As a general guide, Wagyu steaks and roasts are best cooked rare and no more than medium rare.

Wagyu steaks should not be seared quite as hot as prime beef. The flesh is more delicate and doesn't respond as well to searing at extremely high temperatures.

Overcooking will melt the delicate marbling that imparts Wagyu beef's inherent richness and tenderness, causing it to become tough and chewy.

For steaks, follow our master recipe The Lobel's Guide to Cooking the Perfect Steak. For roasts, follow our How To: Oven-Roast a Rib Roast tutorial.

Other cuts such as brisket and short ribs are best braised. Given the long cooking times of this method, standard recipes will work without special added instructions. Follow our tutorial for How To: Braise.

Make sure that you bring all cuts of beef to room temperature before grilling, pan searing, or roasting.

Wagyu Beef Recipes

In general, any of our beef recipes can be used in preparing Wagyu beef.

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Preparing Wagyu Beef


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Setting the Record Straight

We get an increasing number of customers and site visitors asking various questions about Wagyu beef. It’s clear that as more and more people experience this delicacy, the more they want to know what makes it so special.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about Wagyu beef floating around and its relationship to the famed Kobe beef of Japan. So, we’d like to set the record straight.

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