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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays—a festive time to gather with family and friends around a hearty feast.  Our Thanksgiving menu ideas cover the gamut from traditional roast turkey and stuffing to grilled turkey and non-turkey options, so you can choose which recipes best suit your tastes. Plus, if you were wondering what else you could do with cranberry sauce, we have a great recipe for Cranberry & Brie Tartlets.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lobel family!


Turkey Recipes

For a traditional turkey roasted to perfect golden-brown, try:

For something a little more adventurous, try:

And don't forget to read our Turkey FAQ for additional tips and hints.

Stuffing Recipes

Our recipe for Giblet Stuffing is a classic. For something a little off the beaten path, try Chestnut and Brazil Nut Stuffing.

For a hearty sausage stuffing with a seasonal flair, try Apricot-Cranberry Bratwurst Stuffing.

Alternatives to Fresh Turkey

Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkeys

Our Smoked Whole Turkeys and Turkey Breasts are moist, tender, and so easy to prepare and serve. They're brown-sugar cured and fully cooked so you can serve them at room temperature. But we like to warm them through in a gentle oven to bring out the subtle smokiness.

Bake some stuffing separately with your other traditional accompaniments and this turkey is as at-home on a white-linen tabletop as a sideboard buffet.


Spiral-Cut Ham

Smoked Hams

For holiday heat-and-serve convenience, try Lobel's Smoked Bone-In Hams and Smoked Spiral-Cut Hams. Both are fully cooked, and our Smoked Spiral-Cut Hams come already glazed.

Processed to Lobel's of New York specifications, each bone-in ham is steeped in a maple-sugar and spice brine for a week before it is double-smoked in small batches with apple wood for 16 days.

This time-honored method of hand-crafting yields a ham of incomparable tenderness, juiciness, and complex flavors.

Serve at room temperature or heated through in a gentle oven.

Rib Roast

Beef Roasts: Rib Roasts

Lusciously marbled and dry-aged for maximum flavor, tenderness, and juiciness, our Bone-In, Boneless, and Boned & Tied Rib Roasts never fail to elicit oohs and ahhs when brought to the holiday table. We have USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and American Wagyu Rib Roasts available.

Shell Roast

Beef Roasts: Shell Roast

Marian Burros of The New York Times named our USDA prime, dry-aged Boneless Shell Roast as her holiday roast of preference. Cut from the short loin, our 4-lb. and 8-lb. Shell Roasts are like getting a stack of strip steaks all in one piece. Big beefy flavor combined with incredible juiciness and tender texture, this roast is easy to prepare and serve. We have USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and American Wagyu Rib Roasts available.


Beef Roasts: Whole Tenderloin Roasts

Simply roasted or prepared as Beef Wellington, our USDA Prime, Natural Prime, and American Wagyu Whole Tenderloins are the leanest and most tender of all our roasts.




Does your family love cranberry sauce as much as ours does? You can always order extra! We offer two delicious varieties that are so versatile, you can enjoy them on Thanksgiving Day or any other day.

Tracklements Cranberry Sauce with Port

Tracklements Cranberry Sauce with Port

Whole cranberries and a liberal dose of port make this sauce a grown-up alternative to accompany roast turkey. It also works well with any kind of poultry, as well as ham and other types of pork.

Do you always have leftover cranberry sauce? Maybe you're looking for another tasty treat to round out your dessert table? Or perhaps a little snack to tide everyone over until dinner starts? Try Cranberry & Brie Tartlets made with Tracklements Cranberry Sauce with Port. They are sophisticated, mouth-watering little bites.

Wild Thymes Cranberry Sauce

Wild Thymes Original Cranberry Sauce

This sauce has the pure, delectable flavor of cranberries accented with citrusy notes from fresh oranges and lemons. Light on the palate with a clean finish, this sauce is the perfect accompaniment or glaze to all kinds of poultry, meats, game, and even fish. Enjoy it over brie as a delicious and simple hors d'oeuvre. Mix it into your chicken or turkey salad or try it as a sandwich spread. Enjoy it over toast, muffins and scones or as a dessert topping.