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Frequently Asked Questions

About Lobel's of New York

Who is Lobel's of New York?

How do I contact you?

Can I get a catalog?

What is your guarantee to your customers?

About Lobel's Prime Meats on Madison Avenue in Manhattan

Can I get the same products on Madison Avenue as I can online?
Can I redeem a Lobel's of New York gift certificate at the shop on Madison Avenue?

Can I visit the shop on Madison Avenue?

I live in New York City. Should I order online or from the shop on Madison Avenue?

Placing an order

Where can I buy your products?

When can I place an order? When are you "open"?

How do I place an order online?

How do I place an order by phone?

Can I order by mail?

Where do I find your pricing?

Can I order now and select a delivery date in the future?

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Are there any restrictions for holiday orders?

Some items in my order are on pre-order. What does this mean?

Why can only get some items delivered on certain days?

My order shows more than $50 for shipping. Why?

What is a sub-order?

I have two (or more) sub-orders with different delivery dates in my order. How do I consolidate them into one shipment?

How do I place a single order with multiple delivery dates or multiple addresses?

Can I place an order for a corporate gift, sales incentive, or corporate thank you program?


What are your shipping methods?

How will my order be packed?

What does shipping cost?

What days do you deliver?

How do I track the shipment of an order?

I won't be home when FedEx delivers. Will they leave the package?

Your Lobels.com account

What information is stored in my Lobels.com account?

What is my username?

Can I retrieve a forgotten password?

About our products

Where does your prime beef come from?

Do you sell Kobe beef?

What is American Wagyu beef?

Where does your American Wagyu beef come from?

What is Kurobuta Pork?

Where does your pork come from?

Where does your lamb come from?

Where does your veal come from?

Where does your poultry come from?

Is your meat organic?

What is a primal?

Can you tell me the ingredients for your non-meat items?

Are your meats hand-cut or mass-processed?

Can I request custom cuts?

What is dry aging?

Are all your meats dry aged?

What is the difference between dry aging and wet aging?


Selecting cuts of meat

What are your most popular cuts of beef?

I'm a first-time customer—what would you recommend?

How do I tell how many servings I will get out of a cut of meat?

I'd like to send someone a gift of meat. What would you recommend?

I'm looking for a specific steak. Why can't I find it on your site?

Storing and preparing meat

How should I cook a steak?

How should I cook a rib roast?

How should I prepare a fresh turkey?

How should I prepare my smoked turkey or smoked ham?

Should I freeze my meat when I receive it?

I had the meat shipped to my office. Will it be ok in the shipping box until I get home?

How long will the meat last in my fridge?

How long will the meat last in my freezer?

I put my meat in the freezer when I received it. How should I thaw it?

Do you have recipes I can use?

Problems with orders that you've received

My order is missing items. What should I do?

The items I ordered are not what I received. What should I do?

The vacuum-sealed packaging on my meat is damaged. What should I do?

My package arrived late. Is the meat safe to eat?

Why are my selections brown when I open the box? Is this normal?

I noticed a peculiar odor when I opened my vacuum-sealed meat. Is this normal, and is it safe to eat?

Questions about orders you have not yet received

My package has been delayed. Will the meat be safe to eat?

Can I change the delivery date of my package?

Can I change items in my order?

Can I change my shipping address?

Where do I find my package tracking information?

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