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Smoked Salmon

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(1 lb.) Black Label Smoked Salmon (frozen) $38.95


Just wait until you taste this hand-selected, uniquely cured, smoked salmon. Our smoked salmon is light on the palate with a clean, delicate taste and complex flavors. It’s perfectly seasoned and possesses a smokiness that is subtle, not heavy-handed.

Here’s what makes this smoked salmon like no other you’ve ever tasted: After several washes of fresh orange and lemon juices, fresh Atlantic salmon is salt-cured, smoked, and finished in successive baths of fresh, whole milk, and dry white wine. Finally, the salmon is sliced precisely to ensure uniform thickness.

There is no better accompaniment for this delectable smoked salmon than serving it with buttered toast points—and nothing else. Simple preparation showcases the layers of flavor, just as a fine, vintage wine reveals its depth and character.

This salmon comes pre-sliced, which makes it ideal for serving as part of a buffet brunch or as a first course that plates easily—it’s the pinnacle of taste and convenience.

Or try slicing batons of salmon, sprinkling them to warm slightly on hot pasta, adorned simply with butter, a fruity olive oil, scented grapeseed oil, or even a rich Alfredo sauce. The batons also make a wonderful last-minute addition to scrambled eggs or omelets.

Preparing Smoked Salmon
We ship our salmon frozen. Some thawing may occur during transit.

Atlantic salmon, kosher salt, cane sugar, white pepper, white wine (contains sulfites), whole milk, orange juice, lemon juice, dill.