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About Lobel's BBQ Pit

Authentic BBQ, the Lobel Way

We’re butchers who have traveled, tasted, and tested barbecue from just about everywhere to create a collection of our very best renditions of the most requested barbecue favorites. So when you put together what we know about luxury meat with what we’ve learned about best-in-class barbecue, you get beef brisket, pork ribs, and pork butt the Lobel way. And when done the Lobel way, you start with the absolute best meats to wind up with the absolute best results.

This is authentic barbecue. We don’t take any short cuts. Every nuance of flavor, tenderness, and juiciness comes from the finest meats and the time-proven method of long hours of low and slow cooking with wood, flame, and smoke. We smoke our briskets over mesquite and apple wood for 14 hours or more. All of our pork products are smoked for hours over a very traditional hickory infused fire.

Take a look at our smoke ring—the undeniable testament to authenticity. You just can’t fake that badge of honor. Just like aging of fine wines and beef, the smoke ring tells an indisputable story. It is a ring of gradiated reddish-pink just below the surface of the meat that indicates how far the smoke has penetrated.

The meats are simply prepared, usually with just a coating of dry rub before hitting the smoker. They are mopped occasionally as they cook, meaning they are anointed with a vinegar-based sauce to enhance the meats’ moistness and flavor and to help develop the bark, or the tasty crust of caramelized goodness that forms around the exterior. Additionally, our pulled pork is lightly sauced with Lobel’s Barbecue Sauce to ensure its moistness and enhance its flavor.

Real-Deal BBQ Without the Fuss

Every one of our barbecued meats is fully cooked. Yes, fully cooked—smoked and barbecued. So all you have to do is heat and serve these main courses with your favorite sides and accompaniments. With our BBQ Pit products, you can have the ultimate barbecue eating experience on your table in a mere fraction of the time it would take you to smoke and barbecue at home.

With heat-and-serve convenience, our BBQ Pit products are ideal for entertaining. There’s nothing like getting everyone around a picnic table on a hot sunny day—great barbecue, great company, and a cooling beverage go down very easily, indeed. Or if you’re hankering for some good old-fashioned BBQ on a cold winter day, our BBQ Pit can transport you to a tasty, sunny place—at least until the last drops off sauce are licked off your fingers.

Smoke, wood, flame, and a pit master’s magic touch are what Lobel’s BBQ Pit products are all about—unforgettable barbecue time after time after time.

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