Lobel's Piedmontese Prime Beef

If you've ever traveled to sunny Italy and enjoyed the body-and-soul pleasure of a Porterhouse steak grilled Tuscan-style, count yourself among the cognoscenti when it comes to Piedmontese beef.

If you've never tried Piedmontese beef, now is your chance to experience Lobel's Prime Piedmontese beef—a rare and seasonal treat.

From late fall through early spring, Piedmontese cattle winter-over, developing a luxurious pattern of lacy marbling to flavor this beef abundantly and make it incredibly tender and juicy—a unique eating experience that cannot be understated to a lover of truly fine beef. Through the colder months, a small percentage of Piedmontese cattle grade to Prime.

That's why we are pleased to offer you to Lobel's Piedmontese Prime Beef—a selection including dry-aged premium steaks and mouth-watering ground beef. At Lobel's, we dry-age the rib and shell primals for up to four weeks, thereby concentrating the beef's flavor and enhancing its inherent tenderness and juiciness bite after amazing bite. Read more...

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