There are few pleasures in life that compare to the joyful celebrations of important moments.

Whether you prefer festive parties with family and friends, or more intimate occasions—it is the memory of these special moments that are the very cornerstones of our lives. Lobel’s Celebrations helps you to be there for all the important events—milestone birthdays, special holidays, and big achievements. You can even play a part in those everyday occasions—the big game, Sunday family dinner, or impromptu picnics in the park.

We’ve taken everything our customers love about our different gift-giving options and combined them into Lobel’s Celebrations: The impressiveness of a gift from Lobel’s of New York, the flexibility of our Versatile Packages, the elegance of our Black-Tie Gift Boxes, and the convenience and practicality of gift certificates.

What's Your Cause for Celebration?

Meat of the Month
Your gift recipient will enjoy fine meats from Lobel’s of New York every month with Lobel’s Celebrations Meat of the Month. These packages include gift certificates that the recipient can use for any celebration throughout the year. They can follow our suggested uses, or redeem them whenever they like and create their own cause for celebration. These packages are available in 12-month, 6-month, and 4-month options.

Winter Celebrations
Your gift recipient will love celebrating winter holidays and events with fine meats from Lobel’s of New York. The Winter Celebrations package includes gift certificates they can use to make winter a little more special and joyful. Your recipient can use them for the suggested events, or they can always redeem them whenever they like and create their own cause for celebration.

So Many Reasons to Choose Lobel's Celebrations...

These gift certificate packages are themed for different times of the year, so you can find one to suit any taste. They’re also available in different sizes to meet varying budgets. Plus, even though we suggest uses for the certificates in these packages, the gift recipient can redeem any certificate whenever they choose.

We also know that gift recipients are impressed by an elegant package. So we’ve taken a cue from the popularity of our Black-Tie Gift Boxes and put Lobel’s Celebrations into sleek, chic gift packaging. This isn’t just any old gift certificate you’re giving. Your gift recipient will know it’s a substantial package meant to be cherished and enjoyed.

Lobel’s Celebrations are hands-down the most convenient way to give the gift of fine meats from Lobel’s of New York.
Why are they so much more convenient than sending fresh meat as a gift? Because all our meats are fresh—never frozen—and ship via Priority Overnight service to arrive well chilled and ready to cook. We certainly understand the desire to surprise your recipient with a very special gift from Lobel’s of New York, but for all concerned, we want the surprise to be a pleasant one.

Unfortunately, we’ve had customers and gift recipients disappointed by an unexpected gift delivery that, for whatever reason, went unattended and, when finally opened, had spoiled contents. We’re certain that’s not the kind of surprise you’re hoping for when sending a gift. Consequently, we require customers to acknowledge their responsibility in deciding whether or not to alert gift recipients of an impending delivery of perishable products.

Sending Lobel’s Celebrations gift certificate packs, however, is no less a surprise for the recipient. To the contrary, your gift recipient will get two surprises. First, when they receive Lobel’s Celebrations, they’ll be surprised by your generosity and thoughtfulness and the quality of your gift. Then, when they redeem their Lobel’s Celebrations gift certificates, they will be surprised and delighted with their experience—they can take delivery at a time that’s convenient for them, they can incorporate your gift into their most cherished celebrations, and they’ll be assured of enjoying your gift at its peak.

Corporate Gifts

Lobel's of New York is the perfect choice for corporate gift-giving, sales incentive and customer thank you programs.

It’s a simple matter to set up multiple orders to multiple locations and even for multiple delivery dates.

Every aspect can be customized to your specific needs.

Visit our Corporate Gifts Center today to start shopping. Or call our administrative offices toll-free at 866-595-6235 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET) weekdays and ask about how we can help you create your own corporate gift program.