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All-Natural Turkey

The phrase "Tasting is Believing," applies to every product we carry. It's our promise to our customers: To deliver the freshest and finest products—a peak dining experience with every purchase—without qualification or compromise.

We constantly taste and try out new products to be sure we are carrying the only finest and highest quality in each product category.

So it is with great pleasure that we introduce Lobel's All-Natural Turkeys—truly the most succulent and flavorful birds we have ever tasted.

Our turkeys spend their lives in a free-range environment on small family farms in rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each farm agrees to raise their turkeys by standardized protocols so consistency is assured. Lobel's All-Natural turkeys are raised on a vegetarian diet of organic grains and feed. They have room to roam in large fields; limitless access to fresh, clean water; and comfortable, not restrictive, protection from the elements. Known for their broad breasts and unrivaled juiciness, our turkeys are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

These stress-free conditions and excellent care aid in producing plump, richly flavored, and incredibly moist turkeys that will make your meal an indelible memory.

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Ordering Your Fresh Turkey

For a limited time each month, we accept orders for fresh poultry. All orders ship on a selected day or days each month (depending on holiday delivery schedules). This ensures that each month we are able to offer you a wide selection of the freshest poultry possible.

Have a Question About our Turkeys?

Take a look at our Turkey FAQ where we have answers to frequently asked questions about selecting, ordering, and preparing fresh turkeys from Lobel's of New York. Click here to view the FAQ.

Shelf Life

Kept in its original vacuum-sealed packaging, your fresh turkey from Lobel's will keep in your refrigerator for up to 10 days.

How to Carve a Turkey

Click here for Evan Lobel's instructions on carving a turkey, as seen live on Martha. Or click here to watch the clip on Martha's Web site.

What Size Turkey?

Estimate 1 to 1.25 pounds of fresh, unstuffed turkey per person if you don't want leftovers, and estimate about 1.5 pounds per person if you want leftovers.
Size of Turkey Servings
(with no leftovers)
(allows for leftovers)
10-12 lbs. 8-10 6-8
12-14 lbs. 10-11 8-9
14-16 lbs. 11-13 9-11
16-18 lbs. 13-15 11-12
18-20 lbs. 15-16 12-13
20-22 lbs. 16-18 13-15
22-24 lbs. 18-19 15-16

This fresh poultry selection is not available.

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