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Artisan Salt Company Finishing Salt Trio Gift Set

Finishing salts are a category of salts known for their unique textures that allow them to dissolve quickly when applied to food after it is served.

This gift set is a conversation starter in its own right. Three exotic salts, ranging in texture, color, and flavor in a single package with an attractive textured serving tray for showcasing this salt trio at table.

About the Salts in this Set

  • Fleur De Sel (flower of salt) is among the most favored finishing salts in the world. "Young" salt crystals are hand-skimmed from surface of salt-evaporation ponds in the Guérande region of France. Mildly flavored with a crisp texture, Fleur de Sel crumbles between your fingers to a slightly coarse grain.
  • Cyprus Flake has unique pyramid shaped crystals have a fresh ocean flavor and a satisfying crunch. The large crystals can be hand milled or crushed between your fingers to a medium texture.
  • Murray River Salt is prized for its gorgeous apricot color and delicate flaky texture. Harvested from the great river that is fed by the headwaters of the Australian Alps. Crumbles easily between your fingers to a fine grain, and it melts quickly and evenly.
Artisan Salt Company Finishing Salt Trio Gift Set $48.98

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