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E&A Gispert Bouquet Garni (Herb Bundles)

As fundamental as the mire poix trinity of onions, carrots, and celery is to the aromatic foundations of French-inspired stocks, braises, stews, soups, and myriad other dishes, bouquet garni is the herbal counterpart that adds depth and shapes the individuality of each dish.

Previously, making bouquet garni meant chopping herbs and tying them into cheese-cloth-wrapped bundles.

But here is a time-saving way to keep things moving—bouquet garni from a jar!

Hand-made by Barcelona’s esteemed spice, tea, and coffee purveyor, E&A Gispert, here are neat little bundles of dried whole herbs, secured with butcher’s twine. This Spanish version of bouquet garni, properly called “farcelettes,” includes bay leaves, winter savory, oregano, and thyme.

Just take one bundle from the jar and drop it in your braising, stock, or other liquid—that’s it. And when your slow-cooked wonder is done—you won’t have to go fishing to retrieve the bundle of herbs.

8 herb bundles per jar


Bay leaves, winter savory, oregano, thyme.

This item is no longer available.

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