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Epicurean Tomato Chipotle Butter

This is a great butter for making old things new. Once you get the taste of this blend, you’ll want to try it on just about everything. Luscious and creamy Grade AA butter is balanced with the flavor of fresh tomato. The real surprise comes when a gentle heat builds in your mouth from the flecks of smoky chipotle pepper. Reinvent corn on the cob, pasta, eggs dishes, potatoes of all sorts, a smear on hot-off-the-grill favorites, even your morning toast. We could go on and on about this butter.

About Epicurean Butters

When there’s little or no time for cooking, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor. Epicurean Butters has made it really easy for you by doing all the preparation to create these amazing butters. Each 3-ounce tub combines grade AA butter with exquisite ingredients for a variety of tempting flavors.

How To Use Compound Butters

When customers ask us the best way to cook a steak, we give them a simple preparation technique that showcases the inherent flavors of the beef being cooked: Lobel’s Guide to Cooking the Perfect Steak.

To lend a specific complement or counterpoint to steak and to spark the taste buds in new and different ways, we heartily recommend the use of sauces and compound butters as a final touch. In this way the steak becomes a magnificent canvas for the final strokes of a flavor masterpiece.

Compound butters—also called finishing butters, infused butters, or buerre composé—are the shortest distance between two points: great meat and an exciting taste experience. A blending of unsalted butter and intriguing combinations of herbs and spices, compound butters aren’t just for steak. They work on everything from seafood and poultry to pasta and rice—and especially in sauces.

Shelf Life

These compound butters will keep for up to 9 months when frozen or 3 months refrigerated.
1 (3.5 oz.) tub Epicurean Tomato Chipotle Butter $6.98

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