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Hot Links

On the barbecue circuit, there’s a phrase accorded to something that tastes really good—outrageously good—so good it "makes you want to slap your pappy." It’s not as bad as it sound—"pappy" is slang for your tummy.

Well, that’s how good Lobel’s Hot Links are. Slapping-your-pappy good usually involves bold flavors and a corresponding level of heat. Our master sausage maker has created a sophisticated, handmade version of the Southern BBQ favorite: the hot link.

Lobel’s Hot Links have flavor for days and a manageable level of heat that dances around your palate until a warm glow settles in. Its meaty texture gives it a rustic bite, yet its flavor is so balanced and refined—like a smoky mountain song played by a string quartet.

The reddish hue of these sausages comes naturally from paprika and smoke. The slightly chunky texture ensures that the mix of pork, chiles, and spices stays moist for incredibly juicy results.

They are fully cooked—just grill, pan fry, or broil until they brown. Hot Links are available in 1-pound packages, 4 sausages per pack.


Pork, water, beef, chili, salt, spices, thai pepper, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

This product has been discontinued.

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