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Leg of Lamb

Bone-In Leg of Lamb
The bone-in leg of lamb has marvelous flavor and is a traditional roast for festive family gatherings.

Boneless Leg of Lamb
We completely remove the bone from the leg of lamb. The roast is then rolled and tied to help keep its shape while roasting and for easy slicing when it's time to serve.

Butterflied Leg of Lamb
The bone is removed from the leg of lamb, and the roast is left open and flattened. This cut is ideal for grilling because it cooks quickly and evenly.

Online Exclusive Offer: Complimentary Cooler Bag!

Order any Smoked Bone-In Ham, Smoked Spiral-Cut Ham, Leg of Lamb, or two Frenched Racks of Lamb by 9 a.m. (ET) on April 18 and receive a complimentary Lobel's Pinstripe Cooler Bag.

Designed to fit a 12-pack of your favorite beverage, Lobel's Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag is a great all-around tote. From sporting events to family reunions to quick runs to the grocery store, these fully insulated bags are ideal for keeping cold things cold and warm things warm.

That means you can bring the entrée along to your holiday dinner this year in style!

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1 (7-9 lbs. avg.) Bone-In Leg of Lamb + 1 complimentary Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag $129.98
1 (6-7 lbs. avg.) Boneless Leg of Lamb + 1 complimentary Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag $129.98
1 (6-7 lbs. avg.) Butterflied Leg of Lamb + 1 complimentary Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag $140.98

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