Lobel's Butcher's Knives

Now you, too, can use the same butcher's knives the Lobels use in their Madison Avenue butcher shop. These knives are essential equipment in the Lobels' home kitchens, as well. You can see these knives in action on Lobel family cooking demonstrations on Martha Stewart Living.

Lobel's Butcher's Knives feature:

  • Precision, stiff blade made of Swiss stainless steel
  • Comfortable and attractive rosewood handles
  • The Lobel's name engraved on the blade

Butcher's Knife Selections

The 10-inch Lobel's knife with curved blade, which makes easy work of carving roasts and cutting such large vegetables as cabbage and eggplant.

The 6-inch Lobel's knife features a straight, stiff blade that is perfect for trimming, fine cutting, and fileting.

Videos for Lobel's Butcher's Knives

Lobel's Signature 10-inch butcher's knife $99.98
Lobel's Signature 6-inch butcher's knife $59.98