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Lobel's Meat Bible

For generations, our family has been supplying New York customers with the highest quality meats and poultry and, over the years, we have become recognized experts in our field.

We've written a number of cookbooks, including one that focuses on grilling and another that examines cooking meat and poultry with wine.

It's not unusual for us to get a phone call from a customer with a question, even as he or she is in the middle of cooking! We stop what we're doing, often with meat cleaver in hand, to give an answer.

With Lobel's Meat Bible, we hope to give our readers the same care and consideration. Armed with this book, carnivores will find themselves with more delectable meaty choices than ever before.

About Lobel's Meat Bible

by Stanley, Evan, Mark, and David Lobel
Published by Chronicle Books (2009). Hardcover. 319 pages.
Lobel's Meat Bible $40.00

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