Lobel's Pinstripe Cooler Bags

Designed in two sizes to fit a 12-pack and 24-pack of your favorite beverage, Lobel’s Pinstripe Cooler Bags are great all-around totes. From sporting events to family reunions to quick runs to the grocery store, these fully insulated bags are ideal for keeping cold things cold and warm things warm. So you decide: Do you want to keep a chill on your brew or do you want that casserole at serving temperature when you arrive at your next get-together?

Both low-profile bags are made of strong, moisture-resistant nylon with reinforced seams, durable, strap-style web handles and a heavy-duty zipper. Their white background is complemented with navy blue pinstripes and Lobel’s logo.

About Lobel’s Pinstripe Cooler Bags

These bags are available in the following sizes:
  • Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag: 6” high x 11” wide x 9 1/2” deep
  • Large Pinstripe Cooler Bag: 9” high x 15” wide and 10 1/2” deep
1 Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag $15.00
1 Large Pinstripe Cooler Bag $20.00
1 Small Pinstripe Cooler Bag and 1 Large Pinstripe Cooler Bag $35.00