Parameswaran's Black Peppercorns On the Vine

Limited in supply, Wynad peppercorns explode with intense peppery aroma and robust flavor unlike anything you’ve probably experienced before.

Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper is grown on the small Parameswaran estate (plantation) in the Wynad plateau of Kerala, India, long known for producing the world’s finest pepper. Hand-harvested between January and March, these exquisite peppercorns are grown organically with no chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

While most black peppers are harvested when the individual peppercorns are still green, Parameswaran’s On the Vine pepperberries are left on the vine until fully ripened to further develop and intensify the berries’ inherent flavor and spiciness.

Parameswaran’s Black Pepper is a mixture of Karimunda and Panniyor varieties of the piper niger, specially selected for their flavor and quality. The vines grow up to 30 to 40 feet high on host trees (silver oaks) and are harvested only when fully ripened on the vine. A vine may be harvested 10 to 12 times by men who climb bamboo poles made specially to prevent damage to the vines. After drying and cleaning, the pepper is immediately vacuum packed and bagged on the plantation to preserve its peak flavor.

To use these berries, simply snap them off the vine stem, and then grind or crush as with any type of peppercorn.

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We also offer Parameswaran's White Peppercorns. How do they compare? Black pepper has deeper, more complex layers of flavor and a comparatively subtle level of heat. When used on steak, its robust flavor is prominent against the flavor of the meat.

White pepper is more assertive on the palate, but has less depth of flavor and more heat than the black peppercorns. You can control the level of heat from warm to hot, depending on the fineness of the grind you use. The crunchiness of a coarse grind yields a slow-building heat. While used most often in sauces where black flecks of pepper are undesirable, the flavor of this white pepper, when used on steak, allows the beef flavor to come through cleanly, but adds a definite spiciness to the bite.
1 (1.3 oz) jar Parameswaran's Black Peppercorns $14.95