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PepperMate Pepper Mill

The PepperMate is a very handy, sturdy, and well-designed stove-side companion.

Compact, rugged, and dependable, the PepperMate features a precision ceramic grinding mechanism—the new standard in sanitary mill construction—within a hard-plastic housing.

More than that, the PepperMate is a fantastic quick-change artist when small amounts of various seasonings are needed at once.

On the other hand, a small PepperMate army in your kitchen arsenal for a myriad of peppercorns, hard salts, herbs, and spices is not out of the question.

Operation is a breeze. A single side handle turns easily delivering consistent grinds—variable to your preference from very coarse to very fine.

Efficient and fast, too. It fills quickly through its wide opening—you won’t have peppercorns bouncing all over your floor. The top just pops off; the chamber holds 1/2 cup. Just 5 complete turns delivers 1/2 teaspoon of perfectly ground pepper, salt, or spice.

The convenient bottom holds 1/3 cup of ground seasonings and snaps off easily so you can grind all at once and measure as you go. It’s also a great for creating your own spice blends and dry rubs on the fly.

About PepperMate

Dimensions: 3 1/4” wide by 5 1/2” high
Color: Black
1 PepperMate Pepper Mill (Black) $34.98

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