NEW! Prime Rib Burgers, Sliders & Ground Beef

Prime rib isn't just for holidays and Sunday suppers anymore! We've taken what our customers love about prime rib—the juiciness and the bold, beefy flavor—and incorporated it into a burger.

Our Prime Rib Burger is ground from 100% prime rib roast. This burger is exceptionally juicy, rich, and flavorful.

These burgers come in 8-ounce patties, 2-ounce sliders, or a 2-pound package. Either is perfect for weekend grilling, family dinners, casual get-togethers, and tailgating.

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2 (8 oz.) Prime Rib Burger $18.98
8 (2 oz.) Prime Rib Burger Sliders $18.98
1 (2 lbs.) Prime Rib Burger Ground Beef $36.95