Rosewood BBQ Mop

Here’s one of the secrets of great barbecue and proof that necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention: the BBQ mop.

Ask any BBQ championship veteran and you’ll undoubtedly hear: Preserving the delicate caramelized outer crust (also known as the bark) that forms throughout long hours of smoking and slow cooking is one of the keys to optimizing the flavor of barbecued ribs, brisket, roasts, shoulder, poultry, or anything else you can fit into your smoker.

Resembling a miniature floor mop, this BBQ mop has 17-inch rosewood handle with 3-inch cotton tassels.

In reality, the BBQ mop started out as an old-fashioned cotton bottle washer pressed into service for a higher purpose—great barbecue.

The BBQ mop is the perfect utensil for applying mopping sauces (here’s a recipe) to whatever you’re smoking, barbecuing, or grilling.

With the mop, you can gently lay the sauce on the meat or poultry to keep it moist and add flavor as it cooks without disturbing the outer crust.

For mopping sauces, brushes are to be avoided.

Rosewood BBQ Mop $12.95