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St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Packages

Our St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Packages are a head-start to your own home-cooked Irish-style breakfast. Start with traditional Bangers, then choose either Canadian Bacon or Double Hickory Smoked Bacon. Add your own eggs, tomatoes, soda bread, and coffee.

The Makings of an Irish Breakfast

Bangers are a cornerstone of the traditional, full Irish breakfast that also includes thick-sliced smoked bacon or loin bacon; grilled tomatoes topped with grated cheese and herbs; fried, poached, or scrambled eggs; soda bread; and good, strong coffee or Irish Breakfast tea.

Select Your Bacon

Canadian Bacon
Irish loin bacon is very similar to Canadian bacon in that both are cut from the pork loin, are relatively lean meats, and are cured but generally not smoked. Irish bacon also has a small bit of tail meat connected to the eye of the loin.

Double Hickory Smoked Bacon
The smoked bacon served in an Irish breakfast is very similar to American bacon, or what is called streaky bacon in the British Isles. This type of bacon comes from the pork belly and is easily distinguished by the stripes of lean and fat that run through it. Our Double Hickory Smoked Bacon is a tasty substitute.

Make it Your Own

Irish breakfasts can vary from cook to cook and locale to locale, incorporating local specialties and such regional favorites as boxty (mashed potatoes fried with leftover vegetables), blood sausage, baked beans, or sautéed mushrooms.
1 (1 lb. piece) Center-Cut Canadian Bacon and 1 lb. Bangers $34.98
1 (2.5 lb. avg. slab) Double-Smoked Hickory Bacon and 1 lb. Bangers $44.98
1 (1 lb. piece) Center-Cut Canadian Bacon and 2 lbs. Bangers $49.98
1 (2.5 lb. avg. slab) Double-Smoked Hickory Bacon and 2 lbs. Bangers $59.98

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