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Tracklements Cucumber & Pepper Relish

Not all relishes are created equal. At one end of the spectrum, some can be cloyingly sweet. And at the other end, some have such a vinegary bite that the tartness almost takes your breath away.

Sweet relishes work with some types of hot dogs, sausages, and a variety of meats, but pair poorly with others, depending on their dominant flavor notes such as spices or smoke. Same goes for vinegary relishes.

So here’s a totally different take on the classic cucumber-based relish: Tracklements Cucumber & Pepper Relish. What makes this colorful relish distinctive are fresh—not pickled—cucumbers and red and green peppers to give a harmonious taste.

In the best tradition of "bread and butter" pickles, it has a delicious sweet-sour tang. The balance of flavors makes this relish ideal for pairing with a wide range of foods and flavor profiles—from mild to salty to spicy. Check the label—you won’t find sugar or vinegar first in the ingredients list. Cucumbers and two kinds of peppers make up 60% of the total volume.


Cucumbers (33%), peppers (red & green) (27%), raw cane sugar, onions, vinegar, mustard seed, sea salt, chilies. Gluten Free

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