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Victoria Taylor's Tuscan Seasoning

This seasoning blend delights the senses—offering a heady aroma and a lush flavor on the palate with notes of rosemary and toasted sesame. Blend with some wonderful Tuscan extra virgin olive oil for a bread dip, drizzle for baked and roasted items hot off the heat. For a real delight, sear a thick Porterhouse steak, and then when you turn the steak to sear the other side, sprinkle the Tuscan blend over the top of the steak. This allows the flavors to penetrate the steak as it cooks, rather than burning off if applied before searing.

About Victoria Taylor's Seasonings

All of the Victoria Gourmet Seasoning blends have multiple uses as dry rubs, as a flavoring for compound, finishing and melted butters, for creating sour-cream-, mayonnaise-, and cream cheese-based dips and spreads for grilled meats, poultry and seafood, breads, pasta, and rice. Use as a spice foundation for meat loaf and pates as well.


Garlic, scallions, lemon, bell pepper, and natural flavorings.

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