Wagyu Beef Brisket

Brisket is one of our favorite cuts—and our Wagyu brisket is the hands-down, best brisket we’ve ever had.

This popular cut, taken from the breast, lends itself to a wide variety of uses from braising to smoking to curing for corned beef.

Traditionally, brisket is cooked long and slow to ensure the tenderness of the finished dish. Lower-grade briskets have rather lean meat and a cap of fat that can vary in thickness.

Our Wagyu brisket has abundant marbling that bastes the meat from the inside as it cooks and a substantial fat cap that bastes the meat from the top down throughout the entire cooking process.

In Texas where the word barbecue is synonymous with beef, brisket is a smoke-pit staple. So with a tip of our hat to a tasty Texas tradition, we suggest putting this brisket in your smoker over mesquite for 14 hours or so—you’ll think you found heaven on earth.

Need some help? Here’s our way of preparing Smoked Wagyu Brisket (the way we make it at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic).

1 (12 lbs.) Wagyu Beef Brisket $299.95
1 (6 lbs.) First-Cut Wagyu Beef Brisket $199.95