Wagyu Flank Steak

If beef cattle did stomach crunches, they’d develop 6-pack abs right where the flank steak is located. That is to say: Flank steak is a working muscle in the lower abdomen that has a reputation for being a lean and rather tough piece of beef.

Maybe so with lower grades of beef, but a Wagyu flank steak is a game changer in the most delicious way.

The high ratio of marbling that is characteristic of Wagyu beef makes this flank steak surprisingly tender and abundantly juicy with an unforgettably robust, beefy flavor.

Flank steak can easily substitute for skirt steak in such dishes as fajitas and carne asada.

Flank is often used for London Broil and lends itself well to marination of short duration—a couple of hours at most. Bloody Mary London Broil is a great starting point that showcases the hearty flavor of the flank while it is accented with acid and sweet notes from tomatoes and a kick of heat from horseradish.

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