Wagyu Tenderloin & Chateaubriand Roasts

While tenderloin is the leanest of all premium beef cuts, our Wagyu Tenderloin is amply marbled to give this cut unexpected juiciness and unmatched tenderness.

The whole tenderloin (about 3.5 pounds) lends itself to a wide range of preparations—roasted, grilled, even poached—including the classic Beef Wellington.

From the center of the whole tenderloin come two sizes of the popular and elegant Chateaubriand. The 24-ounce Chateaubriand for Two is the perfect centerpiece for a cozy dinner. The 2-pound Chateaubriand Roast can highlight a chic dinner for four.

Our whole tenderloin roasts come tied with butcher's twine to retain their shape during shipping. Simply snip the twine prior to pan searing or grilling, or snip the twine after roasting.

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1 (3.5 lb.) Wagyu Whole Tenderloin $569.95
1 (1.5 lb.) Wagyu Chateaubriand Roast $329.95
1 (2 lb.) Wagyu Chateaubriand Roast $436.95