Lobel's Piedmontese Prime Beef

Piedmontese cattle are an ancient breed originating in Pakistan 25,000 years ago from a breed known as Zebu that migrated to the mountains of the Piedmont region in Northwestern Italy. There, they intermingled with the local cattle, another ancient breed, the Auroch. They've been bred in the United States for about 30 years.

In Europe today, Piedmontese are as prized for their fine beef as they are for the rich milk they produce that is transformed into wonderful local, artisanal cheeses.

Piedmontese beef cattle are unique among bovine breeds because of their double-muscling—the result of a unique protein that only Piedmontese cattle possess.

Consequently, the hindquarter, shoulders, and neck of Piedmontese are heavier than other breeds, thus providing abundant sirloin and round cuts from the hindquarter and magnificent chuck and shoulder cuts from the forequarter. The middle cuts—the rib and shell, or strip loin—benefit by being supremely tender and wonderfully flavored.

Lobel's Piedmontese Prime Beef comes from pasture-raised cattle raised in the Northern Rocky Mountains. They are raised on 100% vegetarian diet of grasses and forage for the spring and summer months, and on a combination of grains in the fall and winter. They are free of subtherapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones.