To send a gift certificate for any Lobel's of New York product:

Step 1: Browse our online Butcher Shop and select the products you'd like your gift recipient to receive.


Step 2: Review the product selection(s) in your Shopping Cart.
• If you'd like to add more items, click the Continue Shopping button.
• When you are finished selecting items, click the Checkout button.


Step 3: Log in to your existing Lobel's of New York account or complete the brief registration form to create a new account. Also, if you are creating a new account, you will be prompted to complete a shipping address form for your intended recipient.


Step 4: Click the Create Certificate button. The certificate will appear on the right. You must move items from your order into the certificate to create the certificate. Change the quantity under Move Items and click the red arrow to move your items.


Step 5: After you have moved all the items you want into your certificate, press the Select a Shipping address button and choose your shipping address. Click Continue and verify the shipping address.
• If the address is not correct, click the Address Book button, and click the Add a New Address button at the top.
• After you have added the new address, click the Return to Order Summary button. You can now click the Select a Shipping Address button and choose your new address.


Step 6: If you would like to create more than one product gift certificate, follow steps 4 and 5 again.


Step 7: Click Proceed to Next Step. Your shipping method will now be designated, and the next available arrival date will appear. You may change your shipping method and the arrival date to any valid arrival date (based on the shipment method).


Step 8: Review your order.


Step 9: When you are satisfied with your order summary, click Proceed to Next Step to review the disclosures. Press the I Agree button affirming that you understand our policies.


Step 10: Complete your billing information, including billing address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Click the Complete This Order button.


Step 11: Review the Order Confirmation page. Write down your order number or print out the entire page. You can also click the link to print your receipt.


Step 12: You will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. The email you receive will contain a link that you can click to print your receipt. You'll receive a Shipping Confirmation e-mail when your product is shipped.