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Wild Thymes Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

Sweet heat is the best way to describe this sauce of strong, clear flavors. Perfectly balanced and versatile, this dipping sauce is a real treat for those who enjoy the combination of garlic, hot peppers, and a sweet base.

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(13 oz.) jar Wild Thymes Thai Chili Dipping Sauce $12.95


Enjoy it as a dipping sauce for seafood, pork, or chicken, or use it as a base for a glazing poultry, fish, or pork. Mix with a little rice wine vinegar for dipping crispy spring rolls or combine with a little soy sauce for wonderful stir-fry of green beans, scallions, mushrooms, and sprouts.

About Wild Thymes

In 1961, Enid and Fred Stettner found themselves driving on a beautiful quiet country road in the northwest corner of the Hudson Valley in New York State. They drove upon an early 19th century colonial, clapboard farmhouse surrounded by rolling hills, creeks, a pond, big red barns, and a spectacular view of the mountains.

They bought the farm and added 400 acres, horses, cows, sheep, and chickens. In the 1980s, Enid developed a plan for a food business she had dreamed about for many years. She started with a line of herb and fruit vinegars, which she bottled by hand and began selling at farmer's markets and craft fairs. It wasn't long before her products were "discovered."

In the 1990s, their daughter Ann and her husband joined the business and they decided to launch a new line of products consisting of chutneys, fruit spreads, sauces, vinaigrettes, mustards, balsamic vinegars, and pasta toppings. They spent hundreds of hours perfecting the new recipes.

Although Wild Thymes has grown throughout the years, they still make every single product by hand in small batches on their farm. And you can taste it—every bite is like something you just picked fresh from your own garden.

Wild Thymes products are 100% natural, without any artificial preservatives or additives. They are fat-, cholesterol-, and gluten-free and extremely low in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium.


Sugar, apple cider vinegar, water, dried chili pepper, dried garlic, salt.

100% natural. Fat, gluten, and cholesterol free. Low salt.

100% natural. Fat, gluten, and cholesterol free. Low salt.