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Press Clippings Archive – 2009

How to Select and Cook the Perfect Holiday Rib Roast
Luxist; Dec. 7, 2009
"Not only will Lobel's send you the perfect piece of meat but they have many suggestions on their Web site to help you pick and prepare the perfect roast." Read more

Beef Encounters
New York Times Magazine; Dec. 6, 2009
"An 80/20 meat/fat ratio?...as a fifth-generation all-around meat maven, [Evan Lobel] should know." Read more

For just the two of you
The Reporter; Nov. 20, 2009
"Aruguably the best butcher shop in the States, Lobel's dry ages their beef for six weeks, resulting in meltingly tender steaks." Read more

Lobel's Introduces Significantly Expanded Selection of Beef Cuts
PR Web; Nov. 18, 2009
"Gourmet meat purveyor Lobel's has added more than a dozen new cuts of the USDA Prime, Natural Prime and Waygu beef to its virtual butcher shop, giving Lobel's one of the most extensive selections of beef on the market today." Read more

Wagyu Skirt
Wine Spectator; Nov. 15, 2009
"Wagyu became popularly known in the United States as Kobe, the Japanese city that developed animals with the highest marbling. That marbling, which contributes to the meat's legendary tenderness and flavor, is so pervasive that it is hard to know where the meat stops and the fat begins." Read more

Stanley Lobel's Thanksgiving Turkey Tips
Everyday Food with Sandy Gluck on Martha Stewart Living Radio; Nov. 10, 2009
Stanley Lobel shared with Sandy Gluck his favorite tips for preparing a wonderful, juicy, delicious turkey for Thanksgiving. If you missed the broadcast, read Stanley's tips here. Read more

The Best Food Books of 2009
Publishers Weekly; Nov. 9, 2009
The Lobel's Meat Bible is marked as one of the top food books of 2009 by Publishers Weekly. Read more

Food Pros Answer: What's your best home cooking tip?
Prevention; Nov. 1, 2009
Stanley and Mark Lobel give a tip from Lobel's Meat Bible, on understanding meats. "Look for beef with ivory-colored marbling and a dark red hue." Read more

Duck, Duck, Goose! (and Hens)
Fine Cooking; November 2009
"Set your holiday table with a bird of another feather." Read more

Meat Bible from store to table
Tribune Star; Oct. 19, 2009
"The 300-plus-page no-nonsense volume walks cooks from buying meat to getting it on the table in the tastiest, most cost-efficient way. Each chapter ends with recipes for putting your new knowledge to use." Read more

Why Every Man Needs a Butcher
GQ Gentlemen's Quarterly; October 2009
"A butcher shop is one of those institutions, like a good barber or a tailor, that are as much clubhouses as commercial enterprises, except you're granted membership simply by stepping through the door." Read more

Two ways to spice up beef: Korean and Hawaiian
The Week; Aug. 7, 2009
"Korean-style grilled barbecued short ribs or Hawaiian-style stir-fry? Two recent books suggest fast and easy ways to give beef an exotic flourish." Read more

Foodie All-Star Lineup
Westchester Magazine Eater Blog; July 13, 2009
"This pop-up butcher shop showcases its skills as passersby watch butchers trim cuts of beef for use at the stadium's two full-service restaurants through a glass window replica of Lobel's Madison Avenue location." Read more

On our desk: 'Lobel's Meat Bible'
The Oregonian FOODday Blog; July 21, 2009
"Despite all of our vegetarians and vegans, Portland still is a meat-loving town, and this complete guide to what's in the butcher case is perfect for home cooks and backyard barbecue enthusiasts who don't know their tri-tips from their T-bones." Read more

Big-League Eats
Bloomberg Markets; July 1, 2009
"I tried the sliced USDA prime, dry-aged New York Strip steak soaked in beef juices and served on a soft roll with green-and-black-olive tapenade. [The] pre-wrapped steak sandwich I sampled from a generic upper-deck stand bore no relation to the Lobel's sandwich." Read more

2 Ballpark Bites
Travel & Leisure; July 1, 2009
While at the Yankee Stadium, visit Lobel's to get a "genuine taste of the Bronx." Read more

Veal scaloppine from New York's master butchers
The Week; June 26, 2009
In the Lobel's latest cookbook, Lobel's Meat Bible, identifying and choosing the best cuts of meat is utterly important. "...at Lobel's of New York...the art of butchering not only endures but thrives." Read more

Bone up on a meaty subject
Houston Chronicle; June 17, 2009
"Lobel's Meat Bible is the definitive text for that man in your life who worships the best of the butcher's cuts. There are 150 recipes...[in] this cookbook from one of the most respected family of butchers in the country." Read more

Vitality Cuisine: What's at steak
The Sturgis Journal; June 9, 2009

"No one knows prime meat better than Lobel's of New York. Evan Lobel...offered a step-by-step guide to help you make the most of your meat."

How to rope a good steak
Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Online; June 9, 2009
"For generations dating back to the Austrian empire, the Lobel family has pased down the art of butchering from father to son." Stanley Lobel shares his thoughts on Celebrity Chef Chat. Read more

Where's the beef?
Book Page; June 1, 2009
"Confirmed carnivores have their day, their book, chapter and verse from Stanley, Evan, Mark and David Lobel, 'America's master butchers.'" Read more

The Master Butchers of Lobel's School Us In the Art of Meat
Word Press; May 22, 2009
"Evan Lobel...Yes, this man knows his meat." Read more

Chewing the Fat with Stanley Lobel
Zagat Buzz; May 21, 2009
"Having already illustrated that steak is still prime, we spoke to [Stanley] Lobel about why it deserves to be, and asked him to share some trade secrets and opinions on current trends." Read more

Purchase Resident Brings Local Flavor to New Yankee Stadium
Town Report; May, 15 2009
"'Who said hot dogs have to be the way to go?' 20-year Purchase resident Mark Lobel says...The carving station is already one of the most popular concession stands at the new ballpark, with over 1,000 sandwiches sold per game." Read more

Building a Legend
Venues Today; May 1, 2009
"As past of the fresh-to-order initiative, Yankee fans can see butchers from Lobel's of New York preparing steaks through a window in the left-field concourse of the Field Level." Read more

The Thrill of the Grill
Men's Fitness; May 1, 2009
Check out the Korean-Style Barbecued Short Ribs recipe from the Lobel's Meat Bible. Read more

Eat Your Heart Out
Every Day with Rachael Ray; May 2009
"Great cooks share one thing: passion. The seven people you're about to meet have it in spades, each devoting his or her life to just one ingredient. From ground beef to chocolate, odds are you've got these everyday foods in your fridge and pantry—but our insiders will show you how to use them in fun, fresh ways." Read more

Good eats at new ballparks

The Marietta Times; April 19, 2009
"Oh, that butcher wasn't carving just for show...[and] you don't need a ticket to the game to eat there." Read more

Taste-Testing New York Baseball

The Wall Street Journal; April 19, 2009
"...Lobel's...sells prime steak sandwiches to the rest of us, who deserve great meat you can eat with one hand while pumping your fist with the other." Read more

Lobel's Steak Sandwich is Heaven in Your Mouth
New Stadium Insider; April 19, 2009
"The first bite of the sandwich was nearly indescribable. Envision your favorite food, favorite texture, favorite taste, favorite smell, favorite feeling, all in one bite. This is not hyperbole, it is truly the emotion we felt during this meal. Is it possible that the best food we have ever eaten comes from a concession stand in a baseball stadium?" Read more

User's Guide: What to Eat at Yankee Stadium

New York Magazine's Restaurant Blog; April 16, 2009
"The single best food item in the entire stadium is Lobel's USDA dry-aged sliced-steak sandwich on a house-made bun." Read more

Yankee Stadium Brings Dining Delight to Fans

Epoch Times; April 16, 2009
"The restaurant is owned by Stanley Lobel, his two sons, and his nephew. According to Stanley, having the onsite service at the stadium is 'taking the art of butchery to a whole new level.'" Read more

Peanuts, crackerjacks and ... sushi?
AM New York; April 16, 2009
"The star of the stadium, it is the culinary equivalent of Babe Ruth combined with Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. The renowned Madison Avenue meat purveyor has its own butcher shop near third base and prepares an olive-and-pepper marinated prime strip steak, which is hand-sliced and served rare on a fresh-made chewy roll." Read in print or read online

Munchmobile Guy Goes to Yankee Stadium
NJ.com; April 16, 2009
"Lobel's is a legendary NYC butcher shop, and its see-through butcher shop on the food concourse is something you won't see at any other ballpark. The steak sandwich from Lobel's rocks: a fistful of fresh, juicy, high-end meat, on good bread, with an olive spread that adds the perfect seasoning touch." Read more

Guide to Yankee Stadium

Times Herald-Record; April 15, 2009
"A full butcher carving station where fans can take home prepackaged filet mignon and prime beef that is kept refrigerated in the Yankees team's store on the field level." Read more

First Look at the New Yankees Stadium Food
Serious Eats; April 15, 2009
"...this is really the magic of Yankees concession land. Lobel's, the institutional New York butcher shop, has a carving station with rotating meat sandwiches ($15). Today it was USDA prime strip steak, but they'll also have filet mignon and prime rib at future games. It came slathered with an olive spread—so much yes—on a warm, doughy bun." Read more

In New York, what's old is new again
Naples Daily News; April 11, 2009
"New York City's new baseball fields are fond remembrances of the old ballparks of the past." Read more

History's new home: New stadium mixes classic touches, modern luxury
New York Post: April 5, 2009
"On your first journey to the new Yankee Stadium, make sure you don't stumble. It would be easy to lose your balance as you walk with head raised and jaw dropped, gazing at the team's new palace like a tousist in Times Square." Read more

Yankee Stadium: Food, shopping and baseball, too
Associated Press; April 4, 2009
"An amused crowd watched through glass behind third base, finding it hard to believe a butcher from Lobel's was carving a huge rack of ribs. " Read more

Not Nouvelle, Not Nedick's, Chow for Now
The New York Times; April 3, 2009
"Even the bleacher creatures at the new Yankee Stadium will be able to get steak sandwiches from a premium butcher." Read more

Leg of lamb makes a deliciously simple holiday dinner
Garden City News; April 3, 2009
"Easter is a perfect time to take advantage of the availability of spring lamb, for a festive, gourmand's dinner that tastes heavenly yet is easy to prepare. " Read more

Triumphs in the Past Lane
Food Arts; April 1, 2009
"A group of top New York City chefs shower culinary gold at a series of artfully tweaked, history rekindling feasts." Read more

The Most Underrated Cut of Beef: Full of flavor and juice, prime rib deserves another look Men's Journal; March 2009
"Here's a question every meat-loving man should ask himself: Do I know what prime rib is?" Read more


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