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Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Gift Campaign

We’ve shipped a lot of fresh meat around this country since we opened our online butcher shop. Along the way, we—and our customers—have learned some very important lessons about planning a gift-giving campaign that is successful by all criteria for you and your gift recipients.

A Word about Freshness

Without qualification, fresh meat is best—for flavor, tenderness, juiciness. Frozen meat will never compare.

From the beginning, Lobel’s has been committed to bringing our customers only the very best. That’s why we take the extra steps—the extra time and labor—to give our customers a peak dining experience every time they eat Lobel’s beef, veal, lamb, pork, and poultry.

Ours are fresh meats of impeccable quality—handled, cut, and processed by real butchers the old-fashioned way. You can search the world over, and you'll find that the art of the butcher is a rare practice. But it is alive and well with Lobel’s of New York.

Fresh meat, as the phrase implies, is perishable and demands care. It’s an expensive gift, and you want to protect your gift investment.

To ensure freshness, we ship via Federal Express Priority Overnight service. Orders are guaranteed for up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated transit. We have logistics specialists who can pinpoint the delivery status of every package we ship.

Freshness is one thing that sets Lobel’s of New York apart.

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The Element of Surprise and Fresh Meat

Keep in mind: Lobel’s of New York ships fresh, perishable meat—it will arrive at your gift recipient’s doorstep well-chilled and ready to cook.

We certainly understand the desire to surprise your recipient with a very special gift of Lobel’s meats. But for all concerned, we want the surprise to be a pleasant one. Unfortunately, we’ve had customers and gift recipients disappointed by an unattended perishable gift delivery that, when finally opened, had spoiled contents.

Consequently, we require customers to acknowledge their responsibility in deciding whether or not to alert gift recipients of an impending delivery of perishable products.

That is why we highly recommend, in fact, urge customers to consider sending gift certificates, rather than fresh meat.

When you choose to send perishable meat, a couple of things can go wrong which ruin the surprise and pleasure for everyone concerned.

Sending a gift certificate is no less a surprise for the recipient. To the contrary, your gift recipient will get two surprises:

When they receive a Lobel’s gift certificate, they’ll be surprised by your generosity, thoughtfulness and  the quality of your gift.

And when they place their order to be delivered on a day when they can be assured of enjoying your gift at its peak, they will be surprised and delighted with their experience.

As we say: Tasting is believing

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Getting Acquainted

Many of our customers spread the word about Lobel’s by giving the gift of taste. Sometimes, however, the gift recipient isn’t as familiar with Lobel’s of New York as the gift giver. And a gift of Lobel’s meat is certainly a very different kind of gift experience.

You might be surprised to learn that, on occasion, uninitiated gift recipients open their Lobel’s gift and are shocked to find meat that isn’t frozen, or they are not familiar with the color of meat that is in vacuumed-sealed packaging. Consequently, they conclude the meat has thawed, gone bad in the box, and then discard of it in the trash.

That is nothing short of a tragedy.

That's why we like to talk through your corporate gifts plan with you, paying special attention to delivery considerations that must be made when it comes to perishable products.

To help minimize any confusion, we enclose literature to give novice recipients some tips and techniques on handling their gift properly so they can have the very best experience possible with the very best meats available.

It's as important to us as it is to you that your gift recipients enjoy a peak dining experience.

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