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Natural Prime Filet Mignon

Filet mignon are steaks cut from the center of a whole tenderloin. Of all the premium steak cuts, filet mignon is both the leanest with a mild beefy flavor and fork-tender texture.

Product Code
(10 oz.) Natural Prime Filet Mignon $62.95
(6 oz.) Natural Prime Filet Mignon $39.95
(8 oz.) Natural Prime Filet Mignon $49.95


Filet Mignon is best grilled, pan-seared, or pan-roasted.

About Lobel's Natural Prime Beef
Lobel's Natural Prime beef comprises premium cuts from livestock humanely raised in open pastures on a 100% vegetarian diet that is free of subtherapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones. The cattle are raised by a cooperative of six farms with thousands of acres of dedicated pastures throughout the American heartland, stretching from the Dakotas to Nebraska. They have room to roam and forage in a stress-free, safe environment; free access to clean, fresh water; and supplemental feed that is a mix of all-natural grains.