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Nirmala's Kitchen Wild Fire Chili Blend

Nirmala's signature chili powder is an intense, flavorful fusion of d'arbol and habanero chiles that will turn up the heat in dishes of any cuisine.


About Nirmala's Kitchen

From the time that Nirmala was a child, growing up in a village in Guyana, South America, she has been focused on the blending and mingling of different flavors.

It is her passion to create wonderful, exotic dishes that excite the palate. The fragrant spices of her Indian roots fuse with the bold flavors of the West Indies and South America. These now collide with the dozens of ethnicities she has adopted in the melting pot of New York City.

To feed her insatiable appetite for exotic ingredients, she has spent the past ten years traveling to every ethnic corner of the world seeking out spice plantations, locals farms, markets and food stalls.


Pure ground paprika, arbol, habanero and other chilies.
Hand-blended. Salt-free. Sugar-free. No MSG.