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Beef > Additional Selections > Tournedos of Beef

Tournedos of Beef

Cooking method: Sautéing
Serves 6
Total preparation time: 8 min.


6 (4 oz.) Tournedos of Beef
6 strips Bacon
6 rounds of bread
2 tbsp. butter, or grapeseed oil
salt, to taste
pepper, freshly ground


1. Cut bacon into strips and cook until partially done. Drain on paper towels and discard bacon fat. Wrap a strip of bacon around each of the tournedos and use skewer to hold in place.

2. Add oil to pre-heated sauté pan and heat until you see the first wisps of smoke, or melt butter in pan until bubbling. Sauté the tournedos for 3 minutes on each side (for rare).

3. Place each of the tournedos on a slice of crisp toast and cover with bearnaise sauce.


Serve with broiled tomatoes, watercress salad, and Burgundy wine

This recipe is from MEAT by The Lobels

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