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Salute Santé Plain Grapeseed Oil

Used by leading chefs around the country, Salute Santé Grapeseed Oil has a delicate, neutral flavor with slightly nutty undertones so it’s also a good choice for baking and takes on flavors readily. Silky smooth and clean on the palate, Salute Sante also makes wonderful salad dressings and marinades for poultry, light meats, and seafood.


Grapeseed oil is an excellent medium for creating superb high-heat sautéed and fried dishes and for searing meat because its smoke point is among the highest of all edible oils. The smoking point is the point at which heat breaks down an oil’s composition turning it bitter and vulnerable to burning.

For comparison, grapeseed oil has a smoke point of 485°F, while the smoke point of olive oil can range from 250°F to 350°F, depending on its quality grade and whether it’s refined or unrefined.

About Salute Santé

Until recent years, most grapeseed oils were produced in France, and low-grade oils were extracted using high-heat methods and chemical solvents.

For more than 15 years, Salute Santé owners and founders, Valentin and Nanette Humer of Napa, CA, have dedicated themselves to producing the finest grapeseed oil available.

A by-product of the wine-making process, the grape seeds that yield Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil come from Italian red and white grapes. It takes 1 ton of grape seeds to make a single bottle of oil.

The Humer’s extraction process uses an alcohol solution so the resulting oil is absolutely pure and 100% residue-free. In addition, the low-temperature extraction process preserves naturally occurring Vitamin E, antioxidants and chlorophyll. Its soft greenish hue is evidence that great care has been taken in making this oil.