Drawn butter is butter that has been clarified to remove the milk solids and whey.

Cooking Method:
Simmering Simmering
Prep Time :
15 min - 20 min
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    1 lb. butter


    In a double boiler, melt the butter and let it simmer 3-4 minutes.
    Set aside to cool. There will be 3 layers that form (from top to bottom): Foam/milk solids, butter fat, water/whey.
    Skim the foam off the melted butter.
    Carefully pour the melted butter into a bowl, making sure not to include the whey portion.
    Serve in individual ramekins at table.


Alternatively, pour the melted butter into a gravy separator. Let it settle and separate. Skim off the milk solids. And, then, pour off the watery whey from the bottom. Once the whey is removed, pour the clarified butter into a bowl.