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Lobel's in the News!

To Sear: This Beef Makes Any Cut Premium

New York Times; February 2, 2015

"Lobel’s ... has American wagyu rib-cap steaks to sear and slice on the bias ... The rib-cap meat is so rich that six of us could not finish a pound and a half of it." Read "To Sear"

Beef Primer

Wine Spectator; September 30, 2012

"When high-end steak houses... and upscale retailers like Lobel's... advertise that they take the top of prime, it most likely that abundant portion. Prime beef represents 3 percent or less of all beef produced in the United States." Read "Beef Primer"

Take me out to the grub game

AM New York; August 8, 2012

"Over at Yankee Stadium, the options were as heavenly as Derek Jeter himself... By the end of the games, I didn't even know who I was rooting for... but at least the food was a home run." Read "Take me out..."

All Sizzle, Plenty of Steak

Celebrated Living; October 1, 2012

"As demand has risen for the very best cuts, consumers find it harder to puchase such quality beef at the supermarket and increasingly have to use specialized purveyors." Read "All Sizzle..."

The Butcher is Back

Men's Health; March 1, 2012

"There's a new class of chefs picking up their cleavers to reclaim and revive the art of butchery. With some basic skills—and the right recipes—you can, too." Learn even more about meat with Lobel's Meat Bible! Read "The Butcher is Back"


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