All-Natural Veal Cutlets

These veal cutlets are made with fresh leg meat and hand-sliced to the desired size. They are then pinned and pressed thin to ensure they cook evenly and rapidly. Their appetizing light pink color stems from a healthy milk diet that makes the meat very tender with a more subtle taste.


All-Natural Veal Scaloppine and Medallions

Our all-natural veal cutlets stand out because of the time and care we put into them. You will receive top-notch freshness, quality, and flavor with whichever cut you choose. To achieve this level of high-quality milk-fed veal from the upper Midwest region, we avoid all additives to provide customers with growth hormone-free and antibiotic-free veal cutlets.

Thanks to our dedication and attention to detail, our veal loin medallions and veal scaloppine arrive fresh and ready to cook, creating the perfect addition to your favorite recipe.


The Lobel's of New York Promise

Lobel's of New York has a proud heritage spanning six generations and over 175 years. We have always believed in providing excellent customer service and quality products, and our extensive experience and expertise have helped us continue achieving that mission. We uphold those ideals today by focusing on customer satisfaction, industry innovation, and never-frozen meat. 


Elevate Your Dinner With All-Natural Veal

We are delighted to provide the best veal on the market for your culinary satisfaction. Choose from our available veal cuts to experience the incomparable quality of our responsibly raised veal.

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