All-Natural Prime Beef Tenderloin Cuts

Discerning beef eaters prize the tenderloin for its rich, buttery flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. At Lobel's of New York, we offer the very best tenderloin cuts — only the top 2% of High-Prime grade beef meets our quality standards.


Why Choose Our All-Natural Beef Cuts?

Each of our all-natural beef cuts traces its roots to the six-farm co-operative we work with exclusively. These farming partners feed only 100% vegetarian diets and allow their cattle to roam and forage freely, resulting in maximum taste. Farmers also feed no growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics for a healthier meat.

We've hand-curated an exceptional collection of USDA Prime all-natural filets and tenderloins for your enjoyment. Make a bacon-wrapped Prime tenderloin roast the star of your next gathering, or create an unforgettable dinner for two with aged filet mignon. You'll enjoy our master butchers' hallmark quality regardless of the option you choose.



Why Choose Lobel's of New York?

Lobel's of New York is no ordinary butcher shop. Our traditions stretch back over 175 years and six generations, with several books and patents bearing our family name. We embrace our founder's passion for quality and artisanship, backing it with our satisfaction guarantee and superior customer service.

As part of that commitment, we deliver only fresh and never-frozen beef. Our master butchers hand-cut and pack your order to ship at the apex of taste and freshness.


Treat Yourself to Prime Tenderloin Cuts From Lobel's of New York

You deserve the best, and Lobel's of New York can provide it nationwide. Order your USDA Prime all-natural filets and tenderloins online or contact us for assistance.

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