All-Natural Veal Roasts

The Lobel family has been delivering premium quality meats nationwide for over 175 years. We have maintained excellent service and product quality through six generations. Our all-natural veal roasts have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a delicious taste profile, making them an excellent choice for a gourmet supper.


All-Natural Veal Roast From Lobel's of New York

We source our veal from renowned farms in the American Heartlands. The calves are milk-fed and raised without artificial chemicals like antibiotics and growth-stimulating hormones. Our milk-fed veal is soft and tender with a delicately smooth texture. These all-natural veal roasts come in two varieties:

  • Boneless loin of veal roast
  • Veal rack roast

Why Buy From Lobel's of New York?

Lobel's of New York is the antidote to the subpar mass-market meats sold at local grocery shops. We meticulously source our meats to ensure outstanding quality, flavor, and texture, relying on over a century of butchering experience. Six generations of our family have upheld our commitment to client satisfaction and premium service. During that period, we patented novel butchering techniques, wrote multiple books and appeared as meat experts on numerous TV shows.

Our aim to provide the highest-quality products entails delivery at the peak of flavor and freshness. We never freeze our meats, allowing you to experience their freshest flavor.


Elevate Your Meal With Our All-Natural Veal Roasts

We are proud to provide the finest antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free veal roasts on the market. Order from our collection of veal cuts to enjoy the unparalleled quality of our ethically farmed veal.

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