All-Natural Veal Chops

Lobel's of New York's all-natural veal chops epitomize superior flavor, tenderness, and a smooth, delicate texture. Roast, grill, or pan-fry them for a simple yet elegant meal. 


All-Natural Veal Chop From Lobel's of New York

Our all-natural veal chops are selected exclusively for the Lobel's. This is the highest-quality milk-fed veal available in the Upper Midwest. Lobel's veal is all-American produced, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and suitable for those who like lighter-tasting meat. Every cut in our collection has a lean yet soft texture and outstanding taste. Our all-natural veal chops are bone-in for a truly exceptional juicy and deep flavor.

Our veal chops come in four distinct cuts:

  • Tomahawk veal chops
  • Veal rib chops
  • Veal porterhouse chops
  • Veal bone-in strip steak

Lobel's of New York Is the Right Supplier for All-Natural Veal Chops

Lobel's of New York is different from your average butcher store. Our family traditions span 175 years and six generations, with various books and patents carrying our name. We share our founder's enthusiasm for quality and craftsmanship, which we back up with a satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service.

As part of that promise, we only provide fresh, never-frozen beef. Our master butchers hand-cut and pack each order to ensure maximum taste and freshness.


Indulge in All-Natural Veal Chops From Lobel's of New York

We understand your dedication to quality and excellence, which is why we never compromise on the freshness and flavor of our meat. Experience the taste yourself by ordering today!

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