American Wagyu Beef Roasts

Wagyu beef is renowned for its dense marbling, which creates a buttery taste and satisfying chew. This natural marbling exceeds USDA standards for Prime grade beef and establishes Wagyu as a customer favorite for exceptional dining experiences.


About American Wagyu Roasts From Lobel's of New York

Like all of our American Wagyu beef, our roasts come from Texas livestock raised on a vegetarian diet for at least 450 days. This longer period allows the cattle to mature, which enhances the distinctive marbling and flavor. Our ranch partners also feed a diet that is free of growth hormones and subtherapeutic antibiotics for maximum enjoyment.

Savor a Chateaubriand roast at a small dinner party, or treat guests at a larger gathering to luxury with a whole Wagyu tenderloin roast. Our Wagyu boneless New York strip roast is a premier selection for intense flavor and juiciness produced by an aging process lasting up to six weeks.


Why Choose Lobel's of New York?

Lobel's of New York has been a trusted Manhattan-area purveyor of premium-quality fresh meats for over 175 years. Our history and expertise span over six generations, and include master butchers with several books and patents. We continue building on our family's traditions and dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, and service.

Today, we're proud to deliver our superior, never-frozen meats across the country. Each order is hand-selected and hand-cut on shipping day so it arrives at your door with maximum freshness and flavor.


Taste American Wagyu Roasts From Lobel's of New York

Enjoy a meal you simply can't create with inferior grocery store products. Order online with confidence or contact us to experience our service firsthand.

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