All-Natural Lamb Roasts

A lamb roast is an outstanding centerpiece for any supper, and our dense and rich roasts pair well with various herbs or a robust spice blend. Roasting or braising a lamb leg yields a wonderfully flavored and tender dish.


About Our All-Natural Lamb Roasts

All of our lambs are reared on open meadows in the Rocky Mountains. We raise our animals responsibly without genetically modified feeds, antibiotics, steroids, or other growth-promoting medications. 

Our master butchers present our lamb roast in various cuts:

  • Frenched rack of lamb
  • Bone-in leg of lamb
  • Boneless leg of lamb
  • Butterflied leg of lamb
  • Lamb shanks

Why Shop at Lobel's of New York?

For more than 175 years, Lobel's of New York has been a reliable supplier of high-quality, fresh meats in the Manhattan area. Our history and experience cover six generations, and we have master butchers who have written multiple books and received patents. We continue to expand on our family's traditions and commitment to client satisfaction, quality, and service.

Today, we are happy to distribute our exceptional, never-frozen meats nationwide. Each order is hand-selected and cut on shipping day to ensure optimal freshness and flavor when it arrives at your door.


Schedule Your All-Natural Lamb Roast Delivery Today

We are happy to provide the quality New Yorkers have enjoyed for six generations to customers across the country through speedy home delivery. Place your order for antibiotic- and growth hormone-free lamb roast now, or contact our lamb experts for customized service.

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