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Ready-Made Chicken Kabobs - Seasoned

Lobel's Ready-Made Kabobs are not just meat cut into cubes. They're hand-cut into cubes, then threaded onto wooden skewers.
10 (1 lb. pkgs.) Ready-Made Chicken Kabobs - Seasoned $239.9500


Lobel's Ready-Made Chicken Kabobs are not just meat cut into cubes. They're hand-cut into cubes, then threaded onto wooden skewers. Lobel's Ready-Made Kabobs are ready to grill or broil practically right out of the box—just bring them to room temperature first.

Choose our seasoned chicken thigh kabobs with flavors of oregano, garlic, black pepper, and olive oil for the fastest kabobs ever. Or choose our unseasoned chicken thigh kabobs and simply coat with sea salt, pepper, and olive or marinate before grilling or broiling.

Easy to Cook, Easy to Devour
To call Lobel's Ready-Made Kabobs fast food might seem a disservice. The truth is Lobel's Kabobs are great food, conveniently packaged that cook fast. Not only are they absolutely luscious, they're easy to prepare, easy to cook, and oh-so-easy to devour.

Lobel's Kabobs come assembled on wooden skewers that have been soaked in olive oil to minimize the potential for flare ups. Within minutes—just 2 to 4 minutes per side, depending on the heat of your grill, you'll be ready to dive into an eating experience of your own making.

Try one variety or mix things up with any of our four varieties—beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. Enjoy these kabobs with your favorite sauces or dips. Try lining half a pita with your favorite sandwich vegetables, then slide in a skewer of these kabobs. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. You'll be really glad you did.

4 skewers per 1-pound pack.

About Lobel's Family-Cut Favorites
Lobel's has always been known for delivering the highest standards of uncompromising quality, giving our customers the utmost in flavor, tenderness, and juiciness—no matter which cut you choose. Lobel's Family-Cut Favorites are our way of drawing attention to a range of products that are favorites with us and our customers.

They are cuts that offer the same famous Lobel's quality, but at prices that deliver great value and a great taste experience at the same time. Some of these products are all-time classics, while other cuts may be new to you.

Each of these selections represents great bang for the buck without skimping on quality or pleasure. Lobel’s Family-Cut Favorites are your opportunity to learn what insiders already know: You can experience the very finest meat selections—no matter what your budget.

About Lobel's Fresh All-Natural Poultry
Lobel's chickens are humanely raised in open pastures with room to roam and free access to fresh air, pure water, and all-natural grains and forage. These birds a never administered any antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones. All of our chicken products are minimally processed, meaning that they are free of preservatives, flavor enhancers, and artificial additives.
Seasoned Kabob Ingredients
Coated with: seasoning (salt; spices (oregano, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, sugar, dextrose, vegetable oil, calcium silicate, flavoring)), extra virgin olive oil 



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

1 lb. N/A 2-4 servings




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