Our Most Popular Cuts-Filet Mignon

Discerning steak lovers know nothing compares to the taste of a well-cut filet mignon, especially when it comes from Lobel's of New York.


Our Always-Fresh Favorite Filet Mignon Steaks

Other names for filet mignon include tenderloin filet and tenderloin filet mignon. Our collection of best-selling beef tenderloin filets includes options like:

  • Wagyu 
  • Aged natural or USDA Prime Grade
  • Petite Filet Mignon

We also offer the bone-in cut, which is quickly becoming one of our most popular filet mignon steaks. Create unparalleled taste and tenderness with the bones infusing additional flavor into the meat during cooking. 


Buy Filet Mignon Online From the Master Butchers You Trust

With over 175 years of master butchery passion and expertise, Lobels of New York is your source for premium steak delivery to your doorstep. Our meats are never frozen — we hand-cut them to order for maximum freshness.

Order online today, or contact us for personalized service.

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