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Wagyu Brisket

Take your barbecue game to the next level with wagyu brisket from Lobel’s of New York. Boasting a rich, juicy tenderness due to world-class marbling, our briskets are a great way to smoke the competition in a barbecue cookoff or treat yourself to a delectable piece of meat.
(6 lbs.) First-Cut Wagyu Beef Brisket $249.9500
(12 lbs.) Wagyu Beef Brisket $399.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

6 lbs. N/A 6 servings
12 lbs. N/A 10-12 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

About Our Wagyu Brisket

Good things take time, and this sentiment is never more true than when it comes to wagyu brisket. 

Whether you slow-cook this meat spectacular in a smoker or a grill, each bite will deliver smoky tenderness and showcase the iconic beef taste you can expect from wagyu. Slow-cooking the beef also releases its savory, slightly sweet flavor, making this delectable offering the perfect complement to any barbecue sauce.

Some specific details regarding our wagyu beef brisket include:

  • This cut features dense marbling that aids in developing a complex taste
  • Our master butchers hand-carve each brisket for a superior barbecuing experience
  • All meat from Lobel’s of New York is 100% fresh and never sees a freezer

Experience the Highest-Quality Meats When You Choose Lobel's of New York

Our exceptionally fresh wagyu briskets result from meticulous time and attention from our experienced butchers. From selecting the highest-quality meats to carving each brisket by hand, we put our years of butchering experience and dedication to time and attention into every cut of meat we sell.

Shop Our Wagyu Beef Brisket Online and Enhance Any Meal

One of the main reasons our wagyu brisket is so exceptional is the consistent marbling and generous fat cap. The fat melts through and continually bastes the meat from within as you cook the brisket, resulting in a tender, juicy texture. Add wagyu brisket to your table today to experience this prized cut at its best!




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