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Boneless Loin of Veal Roast

Your Sunday roast just got a lot better with a boneless loin of veal roast from Lobel’s of New York. Since veal absorbs flavors easily, roasting it with the herbs or sauces of your choice is a great way to savor this naturally tender meat.
(4 lb.) Boneless Loin of Veal Roast $269.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

4 lbs. N/A 8 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

About Our Veal Tenderloin Roast

Boneless roasts have been a family favorite for centuries due to their simple preparation requirements and depth of flavor. At Lobel’s of New York, our butchers proudly use their decades of experience to offer expert carving and produce a stunning roast that arrives ready to cook. 

Our boneless loin of veal roast is popular because:

  • Our butchers hand-select the meat to ensure it is of premium quality
  • We perfectly trim all exterior fat of the veal loin roast by hand
  • All meat from Lobel’s of New York is 100% fresh and never frozen

What Makes Our Veal So Fresh and Flavorful?

All veal options from Lobel’s of New York come from milk-fed cows, which means they have a higher nutrient content than many other meat options. However, even though veal is a leaner protein, you will still enjoy the same depth of flavor. Quickly searing the veal loin, followed by a long, slow roast, will ensure your meat is exceptionally rich and succulent.

Experience the Finest Aged Veal Available When You Shop at Lobel's of New York

At Lobel's of New York, we understand that exceptional veal is more than a result of the cut. That's why we ensure all of our beef is All-American raised and hormone- and antibiotic-free, resulting in some of the finest veal on the market. Experience our veal tenderloin roast for yourself when you shop our selection today.


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